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Skin Bootcamp Terms & Conditions

Skin BootcampOne monthly in salon skin treatment
Skin BootcampCan renew for another 6 months
Skin BootcampClient must be 16 years of age but any client under the age of 18 must be supervised by a guardian
Skin BootcampIf you become pregnant please advise your therapist (your privacy will be maintained) as there may be need to alter your treatment plans
Skin BootcampNo shows forfeit that month’s appointment
Skin Bootcamp3 no shows we will cancel the membership
Skin Bootcamp48 hour’s notice for cancelation or rescheduling
Skin BootcampNot transferable to friends or family
Skin BootcampFirst and last payment on first treatment and then 26 weekly payments there after
Skin BootcampPayments not available to be used on products
Skin BootcampPayments are not redeemable for cash
Skin BootcampNo refunds even if you cancel the program there are no refunds.
Skin BootcampPromising your skins health;
Skin BootcampWhen sign your agreement, you are promising that you have not had unprotected sun exposure the week before your treatment, you have been following the home care prescription you have been provided by your therapist, and if any medical conditions or medications change that you informed your therapist. If these are not followed we may not be able to guarantee your results.
Skin BootcampAllowing us to use you image;
Skin BootcampYour photo will be taken before all your appointments and after all your appointments to monitor your skins journey, filming may also take place and with your agreement you are allowing us to use your image in promotional and other business-related material
Skin BootcampMeeting your responsibilities;
Skin BootcampIt is your responsibility to ensure that your payment can be processed and that you are booking in for your monthly skin treatments. If there are any changes regarding payment please contact us asap.
Skin BootcampTo cancel from skin boot camp please give one week’s notice (you have already paid your last week’s payment)
Skin BootcampThe treatments available are microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion with LED light therapy, skin peels, IPL skin rejuvenation and skin needling
Skin BootcampIf payment is not successful we will attempt the payment again within 48 hours later

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