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Skin Treatments & IPL Rejuvenation

B Indulged are experts in the latest skin and spa treatments, from our state of the art IPL rejuvenation treatments, clear skin acne treatments, and collagen plumping facials. Relax, and let us take care of your skin concerns in our boutique Ipswich & Graceville located salons. Book one of our treatments today, and start loving the skin you’re in.

30mins - $70 | 60mins - $140 | 90mins - $190

Signature B Indulged Facial

This facial is all about you! Be Indulged with this luxurious treatment that is tailored to your individual needs. You will feel refreshed and revived with a growing complexion.

45 mins – $120 | Package of 6 treatments $720
(also includes 3 free LED treatments)

Acne Clear Skin Treatment

Formulated to bring blemishes under control and dramatically reduce the risk of future breakouts. This peel clears blocked pores, infection and inflammation, leaving the skin clear, calm, hydrated and bright.

30mins - $70 | 60mins - $140

Collagen Plumping Facial Treatment

An invigoration treatment delivering clarity and visible lifting results. Targeting fine lines and restores elasticity. Age reversal peel intensely tones, tightens, plumps and brightens. Skin is left visibly smooth and re-charged. All skin types will benefit from this divine treatment.

30mins - $70 | 60mins - $140 | 90mins - $190

Rejuvenating Facial Therapy

When feeling dull, this peel is exactly what you need. Designed to refresh and resurface, giving you an instantly glowing complexion with no downtime! Leaving the skin dewy soft, plumed, clear and ultra hydrated. So gentle even for sensitive of skin.

20mins - $45 | 45 mins - $80 | Package of 6 Treatments $400

LED Light Therapy

LED is a non-invasive light therapy that can treat a wide range of skin conditions successfully. It has proven to restore youth to raging skin and encourage cellular rejuvenation, calm red capillaries and blemishes and reduce acne.

30mins - $70 | 50mins - $110 | 70mins - $150

Microdermabrasion & Mask

Feel cleaned and glowing with our microdermabrasion facials. Clean out your skin while relaxing then rehydrate with our specialised masks.

60 mins - $240 | Package of 6 treatments $1440
(and receive 2 products tailored to you)

Hour of Power Treatment

This facial achieves instant rejuvenating results, with no downtime! Combining an Enzyme peel, IPL, Mask and LED! What more could you ask for.

60 mins - $220 | 90 mins $280 | Packages of 6 Treatments - $1320
and receive 3 IPL FREE LED Treatments

Ultimate B Indulged Therapy

This facial is all about results and pampering. Our ultimate therapy facial will release tension and relax body and mind. Including a targeted peel, light therapy, collagen enhancing mask.

60mins - $250 | Package of 6 Treatments - $1500
also receive 3 FREE LED Treatments

Collagen Induction Treatment (Micro-needling)

Our celebrity facial which will accelerate your collagen cell production, improve all pigmentation, plump the skin, resurface and improve your acne scaring, fantastic anti-ageing treatment, incredible results in minimising stretch marks on the body.

45 mins – $120 | Package of 6 treatments $720
(also includes 3 free LED treatments)

Brighten & Lightening Therapy

Specifically designed to target pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This high performing facial will help fight the sings of sun damage and the environmentally stress skin. A course of treatments is recommended.

Package of 6 treatments $1300. Save $200.

Skin Needling Treatment

This collagen induction dermal rolling system is designed to rejuvenate, revitalise and regenerate your skin. It stimulates the natural healing process in your skin for incredible results. Perfect treatment for a wide variety of skin conditions including acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged skin pores, blackheads and general skin scarring.

First treatment $360 includes Home Roller & LED therapy
Follow up treatments $250

10 mins - $20.00

Treatment Intensifiers

Eye Firm Mask, Hot Stone Facial Massage, Crystal Fibre Mask, Eye Peel or Toe Nail Polish.

30mins - $70

Microdermabrasion & Hydration Serums

50mins - $110

Microdermabrasion & Led Facial

70mins - $150

Microdermabrasion, Hydration Mask & Led


IPL Rejuvenation

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a non invasive skin care technique that uses light therapy causing the generation of heat that damages or destroys a structure that holds, colour,lurking under the skin’s surface. These “structures” typically would be fine or deep lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, pigmentation, freckles, age and sun spots,capillaries, spider veins or rosacea.


Full Face


Half Face




Face, Decolletage & Neck


Decolletage & Neck


Face & Neck




Full Arms


Half Arms

Laser tattoo removal a simple, safe, and produces fantastic results