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Cosmetic Tattooing

Feather Touch Brows & Cosmetic Tattooing are the perfect way to save time! Feather Touch Brow are a softer more natural approach to semi permanent Makeup lasting up to 24mths. Feather Touch Brows are micro hair like strokes throughout the Brow achieving the most amazing undetectable Cosmetic Tattooing.   

Cosmetic Tattooing will add color and definition to the lips, brows and upper or lower eyes. Cosmetic Tattooing for the eyeliner & lips can last up to 5-7 years. A very safe procedure which is extremely comfortable with the use of topical anesthetic.

Our qualified professionals are skilled in achieving natural-looking results that complement your individual coloring and facial structure to enhance your features.

Save time and wake up with your make up already applied!




Designer Nano Brows


Designer Feather Touch Brow


Designer Stardust Brows


Ombré & Combination Brows


8 Week Touch up - Feather Touch


8 Week Touch up - Ombré & Combination


Brows 3-7 Months Touch Up


Brows 8-12 Months Touch Up


Brows 18 Months or Longer Touch Up


Brow Correction or Redo from Another Artist


Brow Tattoo Fade Out (coming soon)




Top Eyeliner


Bottom Eyeliner


Winged Eyeliner


Top Lash Line Enhancement


Bottom Lash Line Enhancement


Top & Bottom Liner Enhancement




Full Lip


Lip Blend


4 Week Touch Up - Lip

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